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Meet the Patriot

The Patriot fire bed is typically installed on a mid-sized 4x4 chassis. It is essentially a larger version of the Minuteman.


The Patriot is highly customizable with a standard Hale HPX200 with Briggs & Stratton 23hp engine dual pump system and 800 gallon poly tank. The Patriot has included (in the past) the following models:



The B-55 Patriot



The B-55 Patriot is installed on a single rear axle chassis. This B-55 went to Kremlin, OK and was installed on a 2012 International DuraStar chassis.



The B-56 Patriot



The B-56 Patriot is installed on a tandem rear axle chassis. This B-56 went to Elk City, OK and was installed on a Kenworth chassis.



The B-65 Patriot



This B-65 Patriot went to Beeville, TX and includes a mid-mounted Cummins diesel engine with Hale 750 gpm at 150 psi water pump and integrated Rowe CAFS Equalizer system with FoamPro 2001 foam injection and a 1,100 gallon poly tank.



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