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Minuteman Standard Features


Feature ordering follows the same order as the Blanchat Excel price sheet.

  • Steel bed

    Steel Body Construction

    The custom built body is fabricated from heavy channel iron and premium sheet steel with welded seams. All structural components of the bed are steel to comply with SAE J1194 for the Fire Attack Operational Areas in the BATROPS crosswalk.


    BATROPS Crosswalk

    Directly aft of the chassis cab, the BATROPS (Blanchat Apparatus Transverse Roll-Over Protection System) is a transverse crosswalk which follows SAE International Surface Vehicle Standard #J1194 for roll-over protective structures.

  • Trans-length compartments

    Trans-length Compartments

    Trans-length compartments are fabricated into each side of the steel structure. They run the length of the bed, directly behind the BATROPS crosswalk to the rear bumper. Depending on which type of Minuteman is chosen, the compartments will have either one or two swing-up doors.

  • Rear access storage

    Rear Access Compartment Storage

    The incorporated side compartments have rear access to the top-most section for storage of shovels, pike poles, rescue braces, 12 foot extension ladders, backboards, etc. This storage area can be accessed on both sides via an aluminum tread plate flip-down door with quick release latches.

  • Top hose bed

    Top Hose Bed

    A recessed top hose compartment above the tank is fitted with slatted, one inch pressure treated lumber to facilitate hose drying. The area extends from behind the pump panel to the rear of the bed.

  • Blanchat restraint

    Blanchat Restraint System

    The Blanchat Restraint System is a 4-point full body harness which is attached within the BATROPS Fire Attack Operational Areas. It allows the firefighter to operate within the Fire Attack Operational Area from a seated or standing position.

  • Poly tank

    Recessed Poly Tank

    The tank is created by hand of polypropylene material that is several times stronger than standard propylene and features a lifetime warranty. The tank is recessed into the frame of the body for a low center of gravity.

  • Water level indicator

    Water Level Indicator

    A tankvision water level indicator is installed on the left side of the pump panel.

  • Pump

    Hale HPX200 Pump with Briggs 23 HP

    The standard pump is a Hale HPX200 with Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 23 HP V-twin overhead valve engine. The pump performance is 200 GPM at 100 PSI and 300 GPM at 25 PSI. The pump has a hand priming system standard.

  • Crosslay hose bed

    Pre-connected Crosslay

    The 1-1/2 inch pre-connected crosslay hose bed is located behind the BATROPS crosswalk underneath the pump panel area. The hose bed is accessible from driver and passenger sides as well as from the BATROPS area.

  • Suction assembly

    Pump Suction & Drafting

    The plumbing tank to pump is 2-1/2 inch with one quarter turn valve. The plumbing from pump to draft is 2-1/2 inch with one quarter turn valve, 30 deg turn down, suction adapter and chrome plug with chain. With both valves open, the suction assembly will function as a quick fill.

  • Pump panel

    Custom Pump Panel

    The pump control panel is mounted in the BATROPS crosswalk for 360 degree visibility and to keep the operator free of surrounding threats. It has the following functions: pump start/stop, choke, pressure and throttle control, water level indicator and valve controls for all discharges. If a foam system or CAFS is installed, these controls and components are located in the pump panel.

  • Aluminum trim

    Aluminum Trim Package

    Aluminum is used when strength is not required to save weight or for aesthetic reasons. Aluminum tread plate "kick panels" are used throughout the BATROPS walkway area to minimize paint scratches.

  • Stainless trim package

    Stainless Trim Package

    Stainless steel chip rails are used in high traffic areas such as under the doors to avoid chipping or scratching the paint.

  • Folding step

    Crosswalk Folding Step

    There is a large chrome folding step recessed in the BATROPS walkway on the passenger side for top access.

  • Superliner coating package

    Superliner Coating Package

    Superliner bed liner is applied to the crosslay and rear bumper to prevent paint chipping, rust and premature hose unloading.

  • Corashield coating package

    Corashield Coating Package

    The underneath side of the bed is coated with Corashield to prevent chipping, marring, rust, etc. of unpainted or painted surfaces after exposure to high impact sand, gravel or other abrasive materials.

  • Mud flaps

    Mud Flaps

    Mud flaps are installed behind the rear tires.

  • Light bar brush guard

    Brush Guard Light Bar Mount

    The light bar mounting platform is constructed of steel and bolted directly to the headache rack with ample clearance from the top of the chassis cab. The platform is removable with plug and play electrical connections.

  • Emergency lighting

    Emergency Lighting

    Eight red Whelen 500 series LED strobes are installed on the bed: two on the rear and three on each side including one in each chassis fender. The standard light bar is a Whelen 56" LED Justice with a total of eight red and two clear LED flashers.

  • DOT lighting

    DOT Lighting

    DOT running lights (amber and red LED) are installed around the bed. The rear bumper is equipped with four red stop/turn signal lights and two clear back up lights installed at a 45 degree angle. Three rectangular mini LED lights to indicate an 8 foot or wider vehicle are installed in the center area as well as a license plate light.

  • Work lights

    Work Lights

    Recessed work lighting is installed all around the apparatus to light important areas. These areas include the BATROPS walkway, pump panel and ground area, rear ground area, rear deck and side compartments. If chosen as an option, top compartments will have interior work lighting.

  • Hands free siren controls

    Siren and Speaker

    The siren is a Whelen model 295HFSA1 with a SA315P projector speaker. The controls for the siren are located in the steering wheel as well as the dash mounted control box.

  • Door open indicator

    Door Ajar System

    All four large compartment doors are wired so if a door is opened a red flashing LED light will activate in the cab within direct view of the driver.

  • Dash top box

    Dash-mounted Control Box

    A dash top enclosure is standard which allows for radio and siren mounting within easy view and reach of the driver. Mounting these controls on the dash keeps the center seat clear of equipment allowing a third person to ride in the front row.

  • Dedicated ground from battery

    Dedicated Ground to Battery

    All grounds will terminate directly at the battery as well as in parallel at all lighting brackets which are frame grounded. Ground screws at lighting brackets are #10-24 stainless steel screws welded to the bracket, insuring a good ground to all electrical components even in the event of a ground failure.

  • IMG 0265

    Reflective Striping

    Four inch reflective striping is applied to the lower body and rear bumper. A triple stripe is applied to the side of the chassis and the center of the fire body. Red/white diamond reflective tape is applied to the rear bumper. The striping color can be customized for each fire department.

  • Paint


    The steel structure is sandblasted to remove any mill scaling and provide for superior finish adhesion. Any bare steel not accessible will have two coats of primer applied before assembly to control corrosion. All bare steel will be coated with the appropriate primer/sealer and polyurethane acrylic enamel or equivalent finish to match fire department specifications.

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