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Chaparral Brush Truck Options


Option ordering follows the same order as the Blanchat Excel price sheet.


Highly Recommended Options


NFPA 1906 Recommended Equipment



  • 35 hp pump

    35 HP Pump

    The pump can be upgraded to a Hale HPX275 with Briggs & Stratton 35 HP V-twin overhead valve engine. The pump performance is 190 GPM at 145 PSI from draft to supply two 95 GPM nozzles with 200 feet of 1-3/4 inch hose or 250 GPM at 125 PSI from draft to supply two 125 GPM nozzles with the same size hose.

  • 600 gallon tank

    600 Gallon Tank

    The recessed poly tank is upgraded from 500 to 600 gallons.

  • FoamPro 1601

    FoamPro 1601

    The FoamPro 1601 is an electronic, fully automatic, variable speed, direct injection and discharge side foam proportioning system for Class A foam. The system is accurate to within 3% of calibrated settings over the advertised operation range when installed.

  • Rowe CAFS

    Rowe CAFS

    The Rowe Equalizer system has a compact design which allows for easy installation on almost any application. From wildland to structure fires, the equalizer system has many benefits including: simplicity, reliability, effectiveness, flexibility and a lifetime warranty. One or two 1.5" crosslay discharges can be installed.

  • Tankvision mini slave

    Tankvision with Mini Slave

    The main indicator is installed in the pump panel with a mini slave in the cab.

  • 4 light indicator

    4 Light Water Level Indicator

    Four LED tank status lights (green, blue, amber and red) provide bright, easy to identify indication of water status. The option also includes a mini slave.

  • Two whiplines in crosswalk

    Two Preconnected Whiplines in Crosswalk

    The pump panel is plumbed for an additional whipline (yellow knobs) in the crosswalk.

  • Auto fill

    2-1/2 Inch Auto Fill

    A 2-1/2 inch electric valve is configured to engage when the tank gets low and disengage when the tank is refilled when connected to a water source.

  • Electric pump primer

    Electric Pump Primer

    The pump will have an electric priming system with handle installed in the bed below the pump area.


Body Storage

  • Pump panel storage

    Pump Panel Storage

    A storage compartment can be constructed in the pump panel to store face shields, headsets, etc.

  • Side compartments

    Side Compartments & Top Hose Bed

    Straight boxes are incorporated into the steel structure on both sides of the bed. The compartment depth will vary with the type of Chaparral chosen. A hose bed above the tank is fitted with slatted, one inch pressure treated lumber to facilitate hose drying.

  • Lower front box

    Lower Front Storage Box

    These boxes are located behind the BATROPS walkway, underneath the bed. They are framed into the steel structure of the bed. The box is covered with bright aluminum tread plate and includes a bright aluminum tread plate flip-down door.

  • Lower rear box

    Lower Rear Storage Box

    This storage box set is located in front of the rear bumper, underneath the bed. They are framed into the steel structure of the bed. The boxes include a bright aluminum tread plate flip-down door.

  • Side rails

    Incorporated Side Rails

    Six inch side rails are incorporated into the steel body of the bed on one or both sides.

  • Under roll bar box

    Under Roll Bar Box

    These boxes are an excellent storage solution to the open flat bed of the Chaparral. These durable sweep-out boxes are made of bright aluminum tread plate and are installed underneath the roll bars behind the crosslay. They are easily accessible from the ground.

  • Rear hose tray

    Hose Tray Behind Pump Panel

    This hose tray is incorporated into the rear pump panel support and is mounted above the tank across the bed with access from either side.

  • Tank top storage

    Tank Top Storage

    The recessed poly tank will have an incorporated storage compartment above the tank with swing-up doors, two pull-down steps at the rear of the bed, two hand rails and Superliner coating on top of the bed.

  • Center rear underbed storage

    Center Rear Underbed Storage

    An underbody storage compartment with rear access is built into the bed structure. The compartment is capable of storing up to 11 long tools. The compartment is fitted with an aluminum tread flip-down door for easy access.

  • Crosslay end covers

    Crosslay End Covers

    End covers are installed on the ends of the transverse crosslay behind the BATROPS walkway. Various types of end covers are available.


Front Bumper

  • Front bumper

    Front Bumper Grille Guard

    The Blanchat Front Bumper Grille Guard is a custom design to fit Ford and Dodge chassis. The bumper option comes with a recessed winch box which only adds an extra seven inches from the factory front bumper.

  • Winch mounted in grille guard

    Winch Mounted in Grille Guard

    A 8,000 or 12,000 lb Ramsey electric winch can be mounted in the front bumper grille guard recessed winch box. The winch is encased in the bumper assembly for protection and allows for BLESS capability.

  • BLESS system

    BLESS System

    The BLESS (Blanchat Lift Emergency Stabilizing System) is a tactical approach towards stabilization and recovery in an emergency rescue scene. The BLESS requires the front bumper and winch options.

  • Remote monitor

    Remote Front Monitor

    The Akron Forestry monitor features an extremely rugged design ideal for brush and wildland firefighting. The monitor is mounted to the front bumper assembly and is controlled by a proportional speed joystick on the center console.

  • Bumper sweeps

    Front Bumper Sweeps

    The front bumper grille guard can be fitted with ground sweeps. Options include two nozzles at each outside corner or three nozzles (two at each outside corner and one center). The electric valves are controlled by two or three independent switches in the cab.

  • Exoskeleton branch deflector

    Exoskeleton Branch Deflector

    The Exoskeleton connects the front bumper to the BATROPS walkway area to help deflect brush and branches away from the chassis and Fire Attack Operational Areas. The Exoskeleton maintains full visibility from inside the chassis and is constructed of steel tubing for strength.


Rear Bumper

  • Fixed tow loop

    Fixed Tow Loops

    A set of two tow loops are welded to the rear bumper which is tied to the frame of the bed.

  • Pull-out step

    Pull-Out Step

    A manual pull-out Quic-Step is attached to the rear of the apparatus for access to the top rear of the bed. The step passes NFPA slip resistance standards.





  • Wheel simulators

    Wheel Simulators

    Stainless steel wheel simulators are applied to the exterior facing wheels of the chassis. They are easy to remove and do not require lug nut removal for installation.

  • Stainless steel nerf bars

    Stainless Steel Nerf Bars

    Stainless steel nerf bars are installed underneath the chassis doors.

  • Nerf bars with front mud flaps

    Nerf Bars with Front Mud Flaps

    Mud flap brackets are incorporated into the nerf bar mounting bracket and mud flaps are installed behind the chassis front wheels.

  • Electric tire pressure monitoring

    Electric Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    PressurePro sensors are screwed onto the valve stems to read each tires pressure and send an RF signal alerting to low tire pressures. PressurePro sensors read tire pressure 12,343 times each day (every 7 seconds) and transmit these updated readings to the monitor.


Off Road

  • Xtreme package

    Xtreme Offroad Package

    The Xtreme Offroad package includes four Super Swamper Singles tires with a max load rating of 6400 lbs each. These tires are mounted on steel rims, powder-coated black. The suspension is raised three inches and a leveling kit is installed.

  • Abrasive road protection package

    Abrasive Road Protection Package

    Nerf bars, black, are installed on the chassis underneath all access doors. Front mud flap brackets are incorporated into the nerf bar mounting brackets on both sides of the chassis.



  • Onan generator

    Onan Generator Package

    The driver's side lower front compartment can house an Onan 5500 or 7000 watt commercial grade generator. This package is configurable with two 1500W 220V FOCUS scene lights, two 1500W 240V OPTIMUM scene lights or two 150W 240V LED PIONEER scene lights (all mounted on extenda-light poles) which are installed on each side of the bed accessible from the walkway and wired to the generator.

  • Electric cord reel

    Electric Cord Reel

    A 75 foot Hannay electric cord reel is incorporated into the truck near the hose reel at the rear of the apparatus. It is wired with it's own 20A breaker. It has a two plug GFCI plug and water resistant box. This option is only available if the unit is equipped with a generator.

  • Electric cord reel

    Akron Junction Box

    The junction box provides easy distribution of power for all electrical needs on the fire ground. The junction box can be custom configured to meet your department's needs. It has a heavy duty powder-coated aluminum housing with large handle and internally backlit faces for visibility in dark conditions.

  • Honda generator

    Honda 2000 Generator Package

    The 2000W Honda EU2000i generator is lightweight, reliable, quiet and fuel efficient. The generator is mounted to the bed near the pump panel but is equipped with frame legs letting it stand on it's own with two light bases when removed from the bed.



  • 500 series LED

    500 Series LED Package

    A quantity of 10 Whelen 500 series LED lights are installed around the apparatus: two at the rear, three on each side and two in front. These horizontal mount lights have 10 flash patterns with steady burn and synchronize capability.

  • 500 v-series light

    500 V-Series LED Package

    A quantity of 10 Whelen 500 V-series LED lights are installed around the apparatus: two at the rear, three on each side and two in front. The V-series are a combination three-in-one warning light including a warning light, alley light and ground illumination light.

  • Fireline lights

    Fireline Lights

    Two or four heavy duty lamps set on a high flood beam pattern are mounted directly to the light bar mount only (for two light package) or two on the light bar mount and two on the rear of the bed (for four light package).

  • LED work light

    LED Work Lights

    Work lights in the BATROPS crosswalk, pump panel and around the bed are upgraded to LED flush mounts. Quantity and location dependent upon how many lights are chosen.

  • LED tail lights

    LED Tail Lights

    The stop/turn tail lights are upgraded to flush mount LEDs with 48 diodes. These lights meet DOT requirements in any 360 degree position.

  • Directional light bar

    Directional Light Bar

    The LED directional light bar is mounted at the rear of the bed and alerts traffic of the direction they need to follow. The signal stick has a cab-mounted control box.

  • Third brake light

    Third Brake Light

    A center brake light is recessed into the body. This compact warning light features 14 flash patterns including steady burn and exceeds SAE specifications.

  • Round beacons

    LED Round Beacons

    Red L31-series Super-LED beacons are installed on the rear of the bed. Red meets NFPA Zone C Upper requirements.

  • ROTO-BEAM 600 LEDs


    This is a Whelen 600-series Rota-Beam warning light which is surface-mounted, usually on the rear of the bed. The quantity and location will depend on how many are chosen.

  • GoLight

    GoLight Spot Light

    A GoLight Model 2020 is permanently mounted to the vehicle where specified - commonly mounted on the light bar mount. The searchlight with directional flexibility is controlled by a dash-mount remote.



  • Auto eject & battery maintainer

    Auto Eject & Battery Maintainer

    A Newmar Auto Charge EV-20 and display with Kussmaul Auto Eject 20A/120V is installed on the truck. The maintainer will be installed on the inside of the driver side in the same location as the Auto Eject and maintainer display on the outside.



  • Intercom system

    Intercom System

    The intercom system consists of two or four Firecom wireless under-helmet headsets. The headsets have 1600 ft of line-of-sight range and have a rechargeable battery that operates for 24 hours on a full charge.

  • Backup camera

    Backup Camera

    A Zone Defense rear-mounted camera and 7 inch TFT-LCD digital flat screen monitor are installed on the truck. The monitor takes the place of the rear view mirror in the cab.



  • Air hose reel

    Air Hose Reel

    A 3/8 inch air hose reel is preconnected to the truck if a CAF system has been chosen. The reel is automatic spring retractable and accomodates 50 feet of air hose.

  • Hose reel

    Hose Reel

    A Hannay hose reel and hose roller can be installed on the rear deck. The electric rewind button is located near the reel and the valve is located in the pump panel. Reel size is dependent upon the options chosen.




Hose & Fittings

  • BEAST Tools

    BEAST Tools

    The BEAST (Blanchat External / Interior Attack Structure Tools) allows firefighters to safely make an interior attack from the outside. This eliminates having to open up a structure or enter a hostile environment, decreasing flashover risk.


Cold Weather

  • Arctic package

    Arctic Package

    The top-mount pump control panel in the BATROPS walkway is sealed to contain heat. The rear pump area is sealed by a bolt-on enclosure to contain heat around the pump, reel and plumbing. Two 25,000 BTU heaters are installed, one in the pump panel enclosure and one in the rear enclosure.

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