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B-5 Chaparral Type 5 Wildland Engine

Peterson 026a



The B-5 is built on a chassis with a 84 inch cab to axle measurement, dual rear wheels and 18,000 GVW or higher. The B-5 has a 500 gallon poly tank and is usually built on a Ford F-550 chassis.*

The B-5 is our most popular Chaparral.


Standard features include:


*Other chassis manufacturers are available such as Dodge and International.



Chaparral Brush Truck Options

  • Blanchat restraint

    Blanchat Restraint Body Harness

    This option includes one additional body harness for the Blanchat Restraint System.

  • Wheel chock

    Wheel Chock Set

    A set of two wheel chocks are mounted in the rear wheel wells.

  • 5 lb fire extinguisher

    5 lb Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

    A 5 lb dry chemical fire extinguisher with 40-B:C is mounted to the bed for easy access.

  • First aid kit

    First Aid Kit

    A first aid kit is mounted in an easily accessible location.

  • 35 hp pump

    35 HP Pump

    The pump can be upgraded to a Hale HPX275 with Briggs & Stratton 35 HP V-twin overhead valve engine. The pump performance is 190 GPM at 145 PSI from draft to supply two 95 GPM nozzles with 200 feet of 1-3/4 inch hose or 250 GPM at 125 PSI from draft to supply two 125 GPM nozzles with the same size hose.

  • 600 gallon tank

    600 Gallon Tank

    The recessed poly tank is upgraded from 500 to 600 gallons.

  • FoamPro 1601

    FoamPro 1601

    The FoamPro 1601 is an electronic, fully automatic, variable speed, direct injection and discharge side foam proportioning system for Class A foam. The system is accurate to within 3% of calibrated settings over the advertised operation range when installed.

  • Rowe CAFS

    Rowe CAFS

    The Rowe Equalizer system has a compact design which allows for easy installation on almost any application. From wildland to structure fires, the equalizer system has many benefits including: simplicity, reliability, effectiveness, flexibility and a lifetime warranty. One or two 1.5" crosslay discharges can be installed.

  • Tankvision mini slave

    Tankvision with Mini Slave

    The main indicator is installed in the pump panel with a mini slave in the cab.

  • 4 light indicator

    4 Light Water Level Indicator

    Four LED tank status lights (green, blue, amber and red) provide bright, easy to identify indication of water status. The option also includes a mini slave.


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Chaparral Overview


Xtreme Offroad Package

The Xtreme Offroad package includes four Super Swamper Singles tires with a max load rating of 6400 lbs each. These tires are mounted on steel rims, powder-coated black. The suspension is raised three inches and a leveling kit is installed. The front fenders are cut larger to accomodate the motion of the front wheels and rubber fender flares are added to the fender molding. This option also includes the Abrasive Road Protection package with nerf bars, incorporated front mud flaps and Superliner coating on the front of the body to protect against flying road debris.

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