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The BLESS System

BLESS lifting vanThe BLESS (Blanchat Lift Emergency Stabilizing System) is a tactical approach towards stabilization and recovery in an emergency rescue scene.


It is a set of poles, pins, claw feet and tackle block assembly which mounts to the Blanchat front bumper on the chassis. This setup allows the winch to pull objects in an upward motion, i.e. from a hole, off the side of a bridge, a wrecked vehicle, etc.


The BLESS can also be used in a tripod configuration independent from the front bumper.



The BLESS in the Power Lift configuration (shown above) enables lifting an object up to 8,000 lbs.



The BLESS in the Recovery configuration (shown above) allows for movement, lifting an object up to 400 lbs.



BLESS lifting plowThe poles are mounted in a location determined by the fire department. A B-27 Minuteman accomodates the poles in the upper driver's side compartment. On a B-5 Chaparral, the poles are mounted on the driver's side of the tank.


The BLESS system requires the Blanchat front bumper option with 8,000 lb Ramsey winch. The cable will be upgraded from 150 foot 5/16" to 100 foot 3/8" aircraft-grade cable.



FEA Test

The BLESS system was designed using computer finite element analysis (FEA) to simulate the stresses at various loads on the geometry.


The BLESS in the Power Lift Configuration at 16,000 lbs.



The BLESS in the Power Lift Configuration at 48,000 lbs.



The BLESS in the Power Lift Configuration at 80,000 lbs.



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