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NFPA 1500

Revision Cycle

Annual 2017, 2018 Edition


Revision Status

Second Draft Public Comments CLOSED 5/16/2016, see below

Second Draft Meeting: July 12-15, 2016 - Denver, CO

Second Draft Report Posting Date: 1/16/2017


NFPA 1500 Next Edition

The NFPA needs your input!

The NFPA 1500 committee needs to hear your input on why the Exterior Fire Attack Position is important in fine fuel areas! Unfortunately, you must do this via the NFPA website with a unique user name and password. We have created a step by step set of instructions to complete this process.


Input must be submitted by the deadline 5/16/2016.


Download instructions

Interview with Greg for NFPA 1500 First Draft Public Input

Proposed Text for NFPA 1500

6.3.10  Fire departments using an NFPA 1906 compliant On-Board Pump-and-Roll Fire-Fighting Position shall develop procedures and conduct training to ensure the following:

The driver is in communication with personnel in the On-Board Pump-and-Roll Fire-Fighting Position at all times while the vehicle is in motion.

All personnel on the apparatus are secured with a minimum of a Type 1 seat belt inside the Exterior Fire Attack Position while the apparatus is in motion.

Personnel in the On-Board Pump-and-Roll Fire-Fighting Position have the capability of wearing protective structure turnout gear and protective breathing apparatus.

The apparatus speed never exceeds 10 mph while the On-Board Pump and-Roll Fire-Fighting Position is occupied.

The On-Board Pump-and-Roll Fire-Fighting Position is never occupied to and from the scene.

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