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Trenton FD

Location: Trenton, ND 58853 USA

Model: B-27 Minuteman

Chassis: 2016 Ford F550 Crew Cab Diesel 4x4 19,500GVW

Delivered: 2016-6-21

Serial #: 1627R08


  • Body, Welded
  • Material, Premium Structural and Sheet Steel
  • Crosswalk, BATROPS, which complies with SAE J1194 in the seated or standing positions in two (2) "Pump and Roll Fire Attack Operational Areas"
  • Compartments, Translength, 52 cubic feet, on both sides of the body with two (2) 44" wide x 35" high door openings per compartment
  • Door, Swing-up, Aluminum, for 44" wide x 35" high door openings (2 per side)
  • Door, Swing-down, Aluminum, for upper rear access to compartments (1 per side)
  • Compartment, Tank, Recessed, for a low center of gravity
  • Crosslay, Transverse, 10", in crosswalk area
  • Rear Bumper, 3" x 10" x 1/4" Steel Tube, attached to chassis frame
  • Receiver Tube, Rear Bumper
  • Safety Gate, Chest Saddle, Crosswalk
  • Platform, Light Bar, Removable, with brush protection structure
  • Hose Bed, Top, with wood deck
  • Harness, Body, 4 Point with three (3) retractors per side, six (6) total retractors
  • Tank, Polypropylene, 400 gallon, with sump (300 gallon if diesel chassis is chosen)
  • Water Level Indicator, Tankvision
  • Pump, Hale HPX200 with Briggs 23hp engine
  • Pump Primer, Hand-Operated
  • Manifold, Discharge, and Steel Plumbing
  • Discharge, Preconnected, 1-1/2" Crosslay
  • Discharge, Preconnected, 1" Whipline in crosswalk
  • Suction, 2-1/2" Pump to Draft, with full port valve
  • Suction, 2-1/2" Tank to Pump, with full port valve
  • Pump Panel, Custom, with flip-up lid, located in Crosswalk
  • Trim Package, Bright Aluminum Tread in Crosswalk and Compartments
  • Trim Package, Stainless Steel Chip Rails
  • Step, Folding, Chrome, in Crosswalk
  • Flooring, Turtile Tile, in compartments
  • Coating Package, Superliner, on crosslay and rear bumper
  • Coating Package, Corashield, on underbody
  • Mud Flap, behind rear tire
  • Handling Package, Spring Enhanced
  • Light Bar, Whelen Justice LED (NFPA compliant)
  • Emergency Light, Round Beacon, Super LED, at rear on top of compartments
  • Emergency Light, Whelen Linear LED 500 Series
  • Emergency Light, Alternating Rear Flashers
  • Stop-Turn/Tail Light, Incandescent
  • Work Light, on Body, Incandescent
  • Work Light, in Compartments, Incandescent
  • Work Light, on Pump Panel, Incandescent
  • Wig Wag Package
  • Siren and Speaker, with Hands Free controls
  • Back-up Alarm
  • Door Open Indicator, LED light mounted on dash
  • Enclosure, Dash-Mounted, for Siren and Radio mounting, allows 3rd person to ride in chassis
  • Enclosure, Electrical Panel, with labels and color-coded wiring located inside the chassis
  • Dedicated Ground to the Battery
  • Master Disconnect, Ignition-operated
  • Electrical System, Body
  • Electrical System, Chassis
  • Reflective Striping, 4" below body doors, 1" on Rear Bumper and Triple Stripe in the center of the body
  • Reflective Striping, Triple Stripe, on chassis doors
  • Body Preparation, Sandblast and Prime
  • Paint, Polyurethane, to meet fire department's specifications
  • Wheel Chock, Solid Bottom, Mounted (set of 2)
  • Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb Dry Chemical, with 40-B:C and mount bracket
  • First Aid Kit
  • Reflective Triangle Kit
  • Foam Injection System, FoamPro 1601 with Foam Transfer Pump, one (1) 1-1/2" crosslay discharge
  • Plumbing UPGRADE, Stainless Steel
  • Water Level Indicator UPGRADE, Tankvision with Mini Slave
  • Discharge UPGRADE, Preconnected, for two (2) 1" Whiplines in crosswalk and 4 point Full Body Harness
  • Tank Fill, Rear Preconnected, with 2-1/2" double-jacketed 25' hose and hose lock
  • Compartment Storage, Pump Panel
  • Lower Storage Box, Left Front (not available with generator)
  • Lower Storage Box, Right Front
  • Lower Storage Boxes, Rear (set of 2)
  • Upper Storage Boxes, Aluminum (set of 2)
  • Compartment Storage, Rear Access, Backboard
  • End Covers, Crosslay (set of 2)
  • Canvas Cover, Top Hose Bed
  • BLESS - COMPLETE (includes grille guard for BLESS, 8,000 lb winch, BLESS System and BLESS storage)
  • Monitor, Remote Control, Akron Forestry with Flat Disperse nozzle
  • Front Bumper Sweeps, Two (2) Corner Nozzles and One (1) Center Nozzle
  • Exoskeleton Branch Deflector
  • Tow Loop, Rear - Removeable
  • Step, Manual Pull-Down & Grab Handle (2 recommended for rear bumper)
  • Chevron Striping Rear Side Compartments, Bumper & Bed Rail (22SF required)
  • Chevron Striping Upper Rear Access Doors (4SF required)
  • Chevron Striping Rear Warm Back (11SF required)
  • Coating Package, Sharkhide, on exposed aluminum
  • Spare Tire & Wheel (factory size) (must check for availability)
  • Abrasive Road Protection Package, includes nerf bars, front mud flaps and Superliner coating on headache rack and front of body
  • Flood Light LED, Telescoping Pole Tripod, Mounted (2 recommended per unit)
  • Additional Receptacle, 2 Plug (Passenger Side)(must have generator or auto eject)
  • Fixed / Portable Generator Package, Honda 2000, with two (2) 110V LED Telescoping Scene Lights
  • Emergency, Light 500 V-Series 180 DEG~RED - OVAL - CLEAR LENS (set of 10)
  • Emergency Light upgrade 500 Series Red/Blue Split (Set of 10)
  • Wildland Fireline Light Package, two (2) lights on light bar platform and 2 lights on rear
  • Work Light UPGRADE, on Body, LED (per light)
  • Stop-Turn/Tail Light UPGRADE, LED (set of 4 lights)
  • Light Bar UPGRADE, Whelen Justice LED (add 2 LED lights to front)
  • Directional Light Bar, LED, Recessed
  • Third Brake Light, Recessed
  • GoLight Spot Light, Mounted, with Dash-Mounted Remote (NFPA)
  • Map Light, Flexible Swivel
  • Reverse-Activated Rotators
  • Automatic Work Lights
  • Auto Eject & Battery Maintainer
  • Customer-Supplied Radio and Antenna Installation
  • Back Up Camera, with 7" LCD Monitor
  • Hose Reel, 1" 100' Recessed
  • SCBA Bracket, Mounted in Compartment
  • Spare SCBA Bottle Storage, Mounted in Wheel Well
  • Adjustable Rescue Brace System, with Jacks, Mounted
  • Traffic Control Kit, Mounted (includes 10 cones, 2 hand held signs and 2 reflective vests)
  • Rescue Chain & J Hook Set
  • "Step Chock Cribbing Blocks w/ Rope
  • (recommend qty 4)"
  • "Pyramid Log Cribbing Blocks w/ Rope (4x4x18)
  • (recommend qty 60)"
  • "Wedge Cribbing Blocks w/ Rope (4x4x20)
  • (recommend qty 6)"
  • "Pyramid Cribbing Blocks (2x4x18)
  • (recommend qty 10)"
  • Spanner Wrench Set (Mounted)
  • Pike Pole (Mounted)
  • Flathead Shovel with Composite Handle (Mounted)
  • 6 Foot Wrecking Bar (Mounted)
  • 6 lb Flat Head Axe with Composite Handle (Mounted)
  • 6 lb Pick Head Axe with Composite Handle (Mounted)
  • 8 lb Sledge Hammer Maul w/fiberglass handle
  • McLeod Fire Tool with Wood Handle (not Mounted)
  • Haligan Tool (Mounted)
  • Pry-Bar “Small” (Mounted)
  • 20 in Pry-Bar (Mounted)
  • 24 in Roof Tool (Mounted)
  • 20 lb Fire Extinguisher w/ Mounting Bracket
  • 3 ft Drywall Hook (Mounted)
  • Rubber Mallet (Mounted)
  • Vulcan Flashlight (Mounted)
  • 60 in Fire Rake with Heavy Fiberglass Handle (not Mounted)
  • 6 ft Trash Hook (Mounted)
  • Extension Ladder (Mounted)
  • Res-Q-Rench
  • Hand Tool Kit (Mounted)
  • Rescue Cutter Kit (Mounted)
  • 1-3/4” Double-jacketed 50 ft Hose, green
  • 2-1/2” 10 ft Clear Hard Suction (NFPA 1906)
  • 2-1/2” Barrel Strainer for Hard Suction (NFPA 1906)
  • 2-1/2” Double Male Adapter
  • 2-1/2” Double Female Adapter
  • 2-1/2” Male to 1-1/2” Female Adapter
  • 2-1/2” Female to 1-1/2” Male Adapter
  • 1702 Akron Turbojet Nozzle with Pistol Grip
  • Nozzle Bracket for 1702 Nozzle
  • BEAST Kit, Mounted (External/Interior Attack System)
  • Arctic Package, with Foam (2 heaters~one in Pump Panel and one at rear for pump encloser) (removable panel on rear, warm back) (foam cell in the tank with tankvision) (Electric Valve for Tank to Pump- On/Off Butterfly) (water tank to 375 gallon)
  • Trash hook (Not Mounted)
  • Spade head shovel (Not Mounted)
  • Shoreline recepticle on Pass side

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